Support komodo island

Support the people of Indonesia on the island of Komodo to become one of the seven wonders of the world continues to flow. People aggressively provide this support by sending a short message sms to the content provider 9818.
In fact, an SMS service provider, Mobillink plans to increase server capacity of 3 million sms per day to 10 million per day. It follows the growing number of SMS to the millions who support that dragons became one of seven wonders of the world.
"We plan to increase capacity in order to accommodate SMS support available," said Director of Mobilink, Kosa Zuri told reporters in Jakarta, Monday (17/10).

According to Committee Chairman Hafild Emmy winning Komodo Island, Komodo current supporters can send SMS via all operators SMS service provider at a price of Rp 1. Even for operators XL and Sympathy eliminate this sms delivery.
"I invite us all to continue to support Komodo as one of the seven wonders of the world. Currently SMS voting continues to run and since the announcement of the price to Rp 1 SMS support committee received a very high spike in SMS from 1 million to 3 million SMS per day," Emmy said in Jakarta.
Emmy added, if there is no SMS sender receives gratitude for voting it sends nothing to fear because votenya already registered. Except if you get an answer 'service is not available at this time' means should be sent back.
On different occasions, the former vice president Jusuf Kalaa says, to enter into seven major categories, requiring minimal support of 120 million votes. Jusuf Kalla argued, all this is not just a matter of world acclaim. When the island of Komodo enter seven large, then the wheel will come to move the national economy, especially in the province of East Nusa Tenggara.
"It could provide economic improvement for the NTT, because it will become a tourist destination. So we have to win because this is our pride," said Jusuf Kalla.
Please note, support for Komodo to be one of the seven keajaban world, either via SMS or the internet will be closed on
dated 11 November 2011 at 17.00 pm
So, if you have not provided support, then it is very easy, simply send an SMS,

type: KOMODO send to: 9818  
Empat Operator Gratiskan SMS Dukung Komodo

JAKARTA - MICOM: Four telecom operators namely Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, and Telkom Flexi
discuss SMS charges for voting dragons as the Seven Natural Wonders of the New World.
This was conveyed by former Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla at the MOU signing ceremony with telecom operators in Jakarta, Friday (14/10).

"Today, we all gathered for the success of Komodo as one of the winners of the seven wonders of the world," said Kalla.

Kalla stated efforts to realize this is more than just to win, but more than that, this is to unite the nation. "This is the least expensive way to strengthen national unity. More than that, the way SMS is the democratic way to choose," said Kalla.

The four telecom operators are now able to donate their sound with each SMS costs only Rp1. "Each SMS will provide one voice for the dragon and the SMS can be sent over and over and over and over again," said Deputy Managing Director of Telkom, Ermadi Dahlan.

Customers can send an SMS before the polls closed on November 11, 2011 at 11:00 Swiss time or at 17:11 pm.

Supporting the Chairman of winning Komodo (P2Komodo), Emmy Hafild, expressed his appreciation to the four mobile phone that has been negating the cost of SMS voting.

"I represent P2Komodo thank the service provider, I am personally interested in this issue of seven wonder because it contains the meaning of sustainable development for communities in NTT," said Emmy.

Acquisition of Voting Komodo Island while still decreased compared to previous month 
please see the proof