Still natural, that Pagedongan Campgrounds are located in the Village Pagedongan, District Pagedongan, Banjarnegara. Caravan itself has not been widely known citizens of Banjarnegara. Because of its location alone was in the southern city of Banjarnegara, exactly 7 to 8 kilometers from the city center. To go to a location approximately takes 20 minutes. Having reached the village of Pagedongan, the road to the campsite is still within 1 kilometer. And even then the course is on asphalt unfortunately has suffered damage and plasticity bebatuanya.
Even so the road is not too dangerous. The closer to the location, the view must be directed to the pine forest on the post 1 and post 2 amber forest that stretches on the right and left side of the road. naturally seductive atmosphere all the way to the location. 

Having been in the campground area, we would be amazed by the beauty and convenience of location. Because the place is quite natural and clean. Grove of pine trees makes more and more comfortable in this campground. and there are restroom facilities at post 1 was not so well maintained. To establish tendapun menemuhi no difficulty, because it can utilize the sidelines of the dense pine trees.
In this camp there are small rivers flow splitting pine forest. So the rush airpun add a relaxed atmosphere. Naturally, this campsite looks neat and clean and naturally is still maintained because the concerns of its consumer. To enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery in this campground itself is not so expensive to live and take care of permits to the village head and right. This campground is very affordable for people who want refreshing. "This place is usually crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. On average the camping here is the school and university students.

If we look at social and cultural authenticity in the Banjarnegara-Gilar Gilar simple and scientifically, basic things that will then surely we Think that what is in Banjarnegara-Gilar Gilar is a gift of God Almighty are definitely not created for a futility for the welfare of the people in-Gilar Gilar Banjarnegara. although unfortunately some people do not realize it.