landslides in sangkalan,Banjarnegara

ilustrasi korban
The rain which flushed yesterday afternoon resulted in landslides in the Hamlet Village PESANGKALAN, District Pagedongan, Banjarnegara, Central Java.
Avalanche material stockpiled a house and left two people dead.
Two victims were Boymin (28), and his son Sincere Anjar Setiawan (5), both residents RT 4 RW III local village.
When evacuated both frozen body was found buried in the ground in the family room.
Description Welfare Secretariat staff Banjarnegara, Andri Sulistyo, the incidence of landslides around 17:00. (4 / 11)
When the second incident alleged victim was lying on the living room.
"The two bodies had been evacuated tube 30 minutes after the incident
subdistrict head Pagedongan (Heni Setiawan) said, when the events occurred, the victim was lying in the middle room of the house.
"They did not think that the cliffs around his landslide that hit their home. Landslides caused by heavy rain that fell from about noon," said subdistrict Head,
According to him, it had asked the local villagers to standby when heavy rain fell again.