kebutuh pagedongan

 Villagers Kebutuh, District Pagedongan, Banjarnegara regency, Central Java Provincial Government urging immediate repair of roads Banjarnegara-Kebumen which suffered severe damage.

"This road was surveyed by the provincial team, she will be repaired in 2011, but to date road conditions are still broken, even worse," said one resident, Tugino, the Village Kebutuh, District Pagedongan, Banjarnegara, Wednesday. 

According to him, an alternative road damage Banjarnegara liaison with Kebumen occurred since 2010 ago. 
He said the road damage is aggravated by the number of vehicles carrying wood and vegetables that passed. 
In fact, he said, passing vehicles on the road that is often damaged in an accident. 
While other residents, Sutarno said the road is very important for smooth and Kebumen Banjarnegara community economies. 
"In the past, citizens who want to shop Kebumen vegetables in Banjarnegara always pass this road, but now have to play and takes two hours away. For that, we sincerely hope this road repaired immediately," he said.