Panning for gold

 In the 1990's, hundreds of people hoping to obtain grains of gold by panning in the river Suba. They dig up the riverbed a stream meandering among the forests and towering mountains on the border Kebumen and Banjarnegara.
"In the past, crowded day and night by people who are looking for gold. They come from different regions. Most of Tasikmalaya in West Java," said Danareja (60), a resident of the Village District Giritirto Karanggayam Kebumen, recently.
According Danareja who share his grief like panning for gold in Suba River, one of Tasikmalaya also the first panning for gold in Suba River. Locals just do not know if River Suba contain grains of gold. Yet every day, residents living in the river sand mining.
Once witnessed the discovery of gold grains in large quantities, residents were busy-busy over the profession into the gold miners. "I can never gold nugget weighing 14 grams," said Danareja are now opting back into the sand for gold miners have been very difficult to find in the River Suba.
Similarly Mukhlasin (38), a resident of the Village District Blembeng Pagedongan Banjarnegara. He chose to return to the sand miners work hard every day because it is definitely making money. "Two days looking for sand Rp 80 thousand is definitely at hand. Not like panning for gold, a week may not necessarily money," he said.
The river now Suba had been deserted from gold mining activities. Exploitation of large gold content leaves little to be sought with difficulty. Even so, there are still trying to tempt fate though the numbers are very small.
One of them, Nasirudin (40), village residents Giritirto. Armed with a crowbar, caduk and tool trays of gold, he tried to find the remnants of the gold by digging the river bed to a depth of about 2 meters. Then, soil and sand-fed without the aid of mercury.

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