Seruling mas

 Taman Rekreasi Marga Satwa (TRMS) Seruling Mas is located in the complex Tomb Ki Ageng Selamanik, Serayu River Valley, less than 1 kilo meters north of the city Banjarnegara. Existing tourist facilities at Taman Rekreasi Margasatawa Selamanik Seruling Mas among others: a complete wildlife park, a swimming pool with its waterboom, Arena kids games, stage entertainment, Tourism common fishing arena, there is also the Tomb of Ki Ageng Selomanik sacred. 
Some animals are bred, among others: the Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Snake, Orang Utan, various species of birds, and others. Also provided elephant riding tourist facilities is guided around the park with a handler. The swimming pool is quite adequate, consisting of 3 parts pool for children and adults, as well as shower facilities / rinse. Ki Ageng Selomanik tomb which is a descendant of King of Mataram was frequently visited by tourists.
Recreational park is crossed by the river which adds to the beauty of the scenery Serayu park. Great demand by children and adolescents, on holidays or school holidays these places are always crowded. To spice things up on stage entertainment and local art performances are held musical performances that can be enjoyed by tourists while sitting under a shady tree at the bottom of the arena stage.The zoo was the only one in Residency Banyumas. Inaugurated Menparpostel (the late) Soesilo Sudarman who was then Chairman of the Foundation ''Seruan Eling'' Banyumas eling (Serulingmas) on August 24, 1997. TRMS Serulingmas very easy to reach. Visitors can ride public transportation such as public transportation and wagon from the town of Banjarnegara. Or for those who use private vehicles, just 10 minutes from the town square, take the west to the "Quarter kit", right (Jl. A Yani), take the left fork Hospital, continue straight (Jl. Selamanik) about 500 meters, and a few yards from the Office of Culture and Tourism (Dinbudpar Banjarnegara District) on the right path, visitors can park the vehicle in a place that had provided it. 
In this park can also enjoy typical drinks, namely dawet Ayu Banjarnegara. It is said that beverages cendol with native Java Sugar mixed with coconut milk and jackfruit this makes people who drink will feel 10 years younger. For women, like to drink it if it will look more beautiful. (mujipras).
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